IBV domestic reference: new wholesale market at Szeged

The new wholesale market and logistics centre of CBA-Food Trade Franchise Chain has been opened in the beginning of May 2016 close to Szeged-Hungary.

The members of CBA Franchise are provided by vegetables and fruits from this new market. Besides the 1.400 covered stands, a 12.000 m2 hall gives place for farmers, distributors, and merchants as well.


The new 110.000 m2 facility’s indoor and outdoor lighting is provided by almost 3000 pieces of 771- FAVOURITE LED, dust and waterproof industrial luminaires, manufactured by IBV HUNGÁRIA Lighting and Plastic Processing Kft. The project was realised by our Hungarian partner-Villumen Lighting Wholesale Kft.

The 771-favourite LED professional luminaire is designed for wide usage, that fulfils the strongest quality requirements. Now with a new, opalized diffuser with unique light transmissivity, specially developed for LED applications.

Thanks to the construction principles of gasket, closing system and diffuser our LED fixtures ensure a high grade of protection (IP 65, IP 66 or IP 67) against dust, contamination and water permeation. In accordance with their IP grade, they can be widely used to illuminate spaces with dusty, humid environment.

Our LED-luminaires with opal diffuser offer you extremely high light efficiency through high light permeability, unique on the market, (up to 93% light transmissivity, excellent light uniformity through well-balanced light dispersing (no shadows), elimination of the dazzling effect, aesthetical appearance (no dots of the single LEDs) while keeping the usual, well-known features of the diffuser such as chemical and heat resistance, mechanical features, UV-stabilization etc.

Glass-fibre reinforced polyester house has very good temperature resistance, mechanical stability, furthermore it is a good electrical insulator, it resists the impacts of several chemicals and the impacts of weather conditions. Its stability of size and shape at changing temperatures is excellent.