Exciting promotional film shooting at IBV Hungária​

Our employees had the chance to experience an exciting event in the warehouse of IBV Hungaria Kft. Initiated by one of our esteemed suppliers – STILL Ldt – an exciting promotional film shooting took place.

In the commercial, the Still truck was led by a highly experienced IBV colleague, he was the stand-in of the main actor, who took this extraordinary acting opportunity offered to him. We are very grateful to him for his courage and attitude for representing our company in this advertisement motion picture!

As the leading character of the short movie, a brand-new RX 20 STILL electric forklift truck was filmed. Motion picture staff, cameramen, actors and a film director…. so a full film crew moved in to the plant of IBV for a day and some imaginative scenes were filmed to compile a television commercial for our supplier in the future.

It is so great that IBV Hungary has been chosen from several number of possible locations of STILL partners also proving that we are regarded as their major customers among the most important industrial companies.
We are proud to have provided a worthy venue for this promotional video production!